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    We at SOPHYO believe that our mission reflects a comprehensive approach towards care and advancement of the poor helpless and weak and acknowledge that the best apparatus to fulfill our mission is a large heart and a passion- driven character.
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    Listed below are some examples of health promotion programs and activities that are currently we doing. we are fighting public health problems come and prevent desease.
  • public Healh circle

    intaan oo aan sameyno waxaan ku hor marin karnaa bulshadeena nagala qeyb qaado sidii aan u hor marin laheen caafimaadka Bulshada iyo Deegaanka si Hufan.
  • team meetings

    sharing information/ideas is is the base of underestanding

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public Health Progrms

Our pple have been suffring a preventable dsse so building strong public Health Progrms can help to controll dat dsses

wacyigelinta gudniinka Fircooniga

ololaha Hey’ada SOPHYO wacyigelinta gudniinka Fircooniga dhegeso Drs Fardowso Cabdi Xersi oo ka shaqeeysa isbitaalo ku yaal gobolka galgaduud oo
  • Sophyo focus

    SOPHYO will focus on prevention, promotion and protection rather than on treatment, on

    populations rather than on individuals, and on the factors and behaviors that cause illness and injury rather than the illness and injury itself.

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